Gangways, piers, ramps and bridges.

We have been building Aluminum gangways since the start. We can replace your scary gangway with a new, engineered Aluminum ramp that will last 50 years or more.

Placing Riverview Park Aluminum bridge.




Completed Riverview Park Aluminum Bridge in Renton looking downstream.

Riverview Park Aluminum bridge in Renton

Welded Aluminum gangway on Shell oil drilling ship.

Foss icebreaker gangway.

Creek bridge


Steel stair and 60′ covered Aluminum gangway.


Ship gangway


Aluminum gangway on oil rig support ship.

Aluminum gangway with sheet Aluminum roof.

60′ hardtop, Aluminum gangway.

Water bag test of 60′ gangway.

Welded Aluminum ship gangway on rotating turret.

We will come to your site, measure for your new or replacement Aluminum gangway, design, permit, build, deliver and install the gangway at your site, and we’ll recycle your old one.

We measure, deliver and install gangways of any size

76′ homeowner Aluminum gangway and dock.


Gangway being installed at Harper Pier. This pier and floating dock will take a severe beating in winter, so the pier was designed to hold up the gangway in winter, with the floats on land.