Fire systems at Point Roberts

We are in the process of installing fire systems on the 21 docks at Point Roberts, with three complete, and two more under contract. The systems will provide high flow at hydrants within 75′ of every boat, and will save 5 minutes of rolling hose down the docks from fire engines.

Marina fire system flow test

Riverview Park Bridge

We just installed the 135′ Riverview Park Bridge over the Cedar River in Renton, Washington with Rodarte Construction. The bridge will serve the public as a pedestrian bridge, and will provide the city with light truck access to the park from the highway across the river.

Riverview Park Bridge, Renton

135′ long Aluminum bridge.

Completed Riverview Park Bridge in Renton looking downstream.

Lake Simtustus phase 2

In the summer of 2015, we doubled the size of the marina at Lake Simtustus RV Resort in Oregon.

52 boat marina.

Foss Maritime gangways and stairs

In the busy summer of 2015, we built 10 gangways, and two steel stair sets for Foss Maritime for their use various ships and on rigs leased by Shell.

Steel stair and 60′ covered Aluminum gangway.

Aluminum ship gangways

Aluminum gangway on ship.

Port of Friday Harbor

We replaced 24 of the marina’s finger piers that were made of galvanized steel. The steel frames had completely failed, though the foam-filled box floats had proved themselves over the years. This was a difficult job, because the new Aluminum fingers had to be bolted to two different kinds of concrete floats.

Port of Brownsville C, D and E Docks.

Our largest project to date, we have now built and delivered all floats for the replacement of C, D and E and F docks, as well as  half the fingers on A dock. The marina staff has all the new docks in place, for a total of 256 new Aluminum boat slips.

Port of Brownsville Launch Ramp Dock

We installed a new kind of launch ramp dock for the Port of Brownsville Marina. This launch ramp is not only used heavily by recreational boat owners evenings and weekends, but it’s also used commercially by Suquamish Seafoods, and other commercial clamming operations. The floats are the heaviest we’ve ever built. We used 1/2″ thick Aluminum tubing, and Polyurethane tendon hinges to make sure this dock can take the use and abuse, and so that it can lay on the uneven, old concrete ramp twice a day for many years without breaking. The docks are made to support the heavy live loads of divers, their gear, and truckloads of clams in plastic crates.


Haggard Cove Marina

The homeowners at Haggard Cove Marina on Vancouver Island have now replaced all their wooden dock fingers with our Aluminum floats. This is our most remote location, on the west side of Vancouver Island, a boat ride away from Port Alberni.


Beebe Ranch Marina

The owners of Beebe Ranch near Chelan Falls on the Columbia River ordered the first phase of a 40 slip marina in January. The catch was that it needed to be completed on the water by the end of February. We worked long hours and got the docks delivered and installed in time. We hope to complete the rest of the project as the existing slips sell.

Beebe Ranch Marina on the Columbia River



Depoe Bay Marina

One of the main docks at Depoe Bay Marina was partially destroyed by the Japanese tsunami on 3/11/2011. We built the replacement docks out of Aluminum. The city’s engineer designed the floats to take advantage of the strength and long life of Aluminum for the dock that takes constant abuse from wave surge, and an occasional tsunami. The project was completed in a very tight work window in early 2013, and has already withstood several large storms.

Aluminum mooring docks in Depoe Bay Oregon


Port of Brownsville

We finished replacing F dock at the Port of Brownsville in Bremerton, Washington on August of 2012. This phase included replacing over 250 feet of main walkway, and 8 fingers. The new floats included a 22″ wide by 10″ deep center chase for utilities. We supplied new power and water to D and E docks, and upgraded the water and fire suppression systems in the process. The work was done during the marina’s busiest season because of permit requirements. Marina users were diverted around the construction area on temporary floats. Power, water and fire suppression were maintained throughout the construction process.

Douglas County PUD

We constructed two sets of launch ramp handling floats for Douglas County PUD on Lake Pateros, as well as a swimming dock, and a mooring dock.

Dock and Ramp

Dock with boats



Cannery Village Marina

One of our most visible marinas is Cannery Village Marina in Friday Harbor. The old wooden docks had become wobbly and slippery, and the hinge joints were failing. The 26 slip marina is located right next to the Washington State Ferry landing. We’ve sleeved the existing creosote piles with custom-made fiberglass pipe, and replaced all the floats. The new docks have great traction and stability, and the boats there, ranging from 30 to 50 feet, are tied to custom Stainless Steel cleats instead of splintery wooden bull rails.

Quileute Marina

Old Dock

Quileute Marina

New Dock

Quileute Marina

When a large storm destroyed the fuel dock, and many of the mooring floats at the Quileute Marina in Forks, Washington, we replaced the fuel dock under the tribe’s insurance policy, and the mooring floats with FEMA disaster relief money. The marina has since been dredged, and is a busy fishing port in summer. The marina allows the tribe to continue their long fishing tradition, and offers a safe haven on a dangerous coast.

Quileute Marina and fuel dock

Department of Natural Resources

In March of this 2011, we completed a new dock for the Washington Department of Natural Resources. The DNR assumed ownership of a property on remote Cypress Island in the San Juan Islands, and their steel dock had rusted to the point where it was no longer serviceable. The replacement dock, constructed with my typical Aluminum frame design, has less over-water coverage, but provides capacity for more boats. The remote island cannot be accessed by road or ferry, so all work had to be done from my work boats.

aerial of port of brownsville



Shelter Bay Marina

We are beginning to replace the aging, wooden finger piers at Shelter Bay Marina with 4′ x 40′ Aluminum fingers after a lengthy bid process that began at the beginning of January 2011. The fingers will sit 19″ off the water on 16″ deep flotation tubs to provide lots of freeboard for the large vessels at the marina.

aerial of port of brownsville



Lake Simtustus

The marina is ADA accessible, with a sixty foot long by five foot wide ramp that is at a gentle five degree angle. There are four handicap accessible slips at the marina with special considerations for wheelchairs.

Our first marina, the Lake Simtustus RV Resort marina, phase 1, contains 3880 square feet of floats, extends 100 feet into the lake, and is 366 feet long. Anchoring is provided by ten large submerged concrete blocks connected to the floats by stainless steel cable, and a 12,000 pound concrete anchor at the land end of the ramp.

drawing of simtustus slips




Friendship Lodge

Northwest Docks has completed a community dock for Friendship Lodge on Lake Wenatchee. The dock provides a side tie for all the lodge members’ boats, a swimming platform at the end, and support for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Sockeye rearing pens, as the dock has historically done. The existing wooden floats were removed and replaced with Aluminum floats.. The existing piles were retained and re-used. This dock has a 2000 square foot surface area, and projects into the lake 229′.

friendship lodge drawing



Lake Chelan Yacht Club

In the fall of 2009, I replaced the fuel dock and launch ramp dock at the Lake Chelan Yacht Club. The old fuel dock was based on a sinking concrete float, and the floating wooden walkway was deteriorating. The new fuel dock is based on a 12′ x 30′ Aluminum float hinged to a 6′ wide by 120′ long floating walkway. The fuel float is not protected by wake and waves by the floating breakwater. In fact, the fuel dock and walkway act as the marina’s breakwater when winds blow from the south and wakes from large boats hit from that direction.

The fuel dock contains fuel hose, water pipe, power and low voltage lines, and is lit with lights powered by a solar panel on the roof over the fuel pumps. The launch ramp floats are 60′ long, and are supported solely by a hinge on shore, which eliminated the need for pilings. All utilities within the dock are accessible by removing grating panels with a screw gun. The various permitting agencies were happy to see the use of green materials and open grating, and the removal of creosote pilings, that they allowed the project to be constructed without mitigation.