Light Passage


The Department of Natural Resources and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife are requiring high percentages of light passage for new and replacement docks. Our frames provide excellent rigidity and strength with a profile that allows light to pass. With a wide variety of open area grated surfaces for ADA and Non-ADA docks, we can help you meet these new, tougher standards.

Our docks are so inert, and pass so much light, we can help you avoid costly mitigation and planting in some situations. Eel grass thrives under our floats, and small salmon don’t congregate under the docks to be preyed on by birds and other fish. The open, grated surfaces of our docks discourage otter habitation, and animal waste washes through, rather than piling up.

We built our standard dock design for the DNR in the spring of 2011 for their facility in the San Juan Islands. We’re confident we can get you through your permit process and get your DNR lease, or get you DNR lease renewed.