I spent twelve years designing, permitting and building the best welded Aluminum docks available, for use in the harsh Northwest environment. My proven, engineered designs have withstood heavy commercial use in salt and fresh water throughout Oregon, British Columbia and Washington. I no longer operate a fabrication shop, but I can provide design, permitting and consultation services anywhere in the world.



What People Are Saying.....

  • Dear Mr Guy, I am the owner of slip number four, Cannery Village Marina Condominium. My wife and I bought the slip when the docks were still wood. The old docks certainly needed upgrading, as the marina was doing more and more repairs.     Northwest Docks prsented the best bid, and proceeded to install one of the nicest docks I have ever had the privilege to use. I have been boating in the Northwest for over fifty years, and these are the best docks I have come across. Boats and technology have improved over the years, and I am glad to see that your company  has taken the construction of docks to the next level. It is a pleasure to use  my slip.     Thank you for the design, construction and installation of the Cannery Village Marina docks. It is a job well done.   Sincerely, Les Blackwell  
    Les Blackwell
  • "We really like our new dock. You did a great job designing it. I would highly recommend you to anyone!"
    -- Ann and John Fridell, Bitter Lake
  • "Recently, the Port of Coupeville installed a pumpout station at the Coupeville Wharf on Whidbey Island. This installation presented some special engineering challenges and required both knowledge and experience on the part of the contractor chosen for the project, Mr. Jim Guy, owner of Northwest Docks in Anacortes, WA. Mr. Guy submitted the most competitative bid and he completed the project on schedule and for exactly the amount given in his proposal. He is highly recommended for construction and installation projects in the marine environment."
    -- James M. Patton, Executive Director, Port of Coupeville
  • "This dock is awesome!"
    -- Paul McFarland, DNR dock at Secret Harbor, Cypress Island
  • "Bookings are up over last year, docks are big hit, might need some more."
    Carl Johnson, Lake Simtustus Resort
  • · "The dock really looks great. It has been very windy out here and the thing is a rock. No swaying or rocking like the old one. Fantastic!"
    Rich Bray, Friendship Lodge, Lake Wenatchee
  • "Wow is all I can say. I started out wanting to just repair my dock but the bid I got from Northwest Docks was amazing. I never thought I could afford a commercial quality dock requiring almost no maintenance and incredibly eco-friendly to boot. The job was done in about half the time of the nearest competitor's quote and at a much lower cost. The service was great and the superior customer follow-up unexpected. Jim is always trying to improve his product. I wish there were more companies as dedicated to their products and customer service as his".
    Larry F. Seattle WA